Invitation to Hell

When Sarah finds out the family that raised her following the gruesome death of her mother, has lied about it her entire life, she is thrown into a chaotic world she never thought possible.

The Prince of the Underworld has been sent to train, and protect her, but his arrogant, and bitter demeanor sets her more ways than one.

Burdened with a foretold prophecy of becoming the only being strong enough to stop Lucius, King of Tartarus and his maniacal plan to become an immortal God that would bring ruin to all of the six realms.
Sarah must find a way to control her newly arisen powers, save her family, and get a grip on her traitorous body that yearns for the prince's touch.

Invitation to Hell print cover.png final.png
Image by Jaredd Craig

"Writing is the geometry of the soul"



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Ohio, USA

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